The Word "Boutique"

Let’s talk about the word “boutique."  The word essentially means a small shop that sells specialized services or products.  When you hear “boutique” what comes to mind?

Sadly, the word often gets a bad rep. Some people may think “boujee, expensive, un-relatable or snooty.”  Sometimes people think it’s just a word for the latest store to pop-up that someone started as a hobby and won’t be around long.

I often refer to my store as simply “DART” because the negative connotations around the word “boutique” don’t apply.

One of my goals in 2023 is to educate the community on what DART Boutique actually is.  I want SO many new people to walk in and discover how we are different from what you might view as a typical “boutique.”

I started this business 4 years ago and my love for it continues to grow every day.  Even though small business owners like myself are struggling we persevere because we believe in our mission.  And often, we’re just extremely stubborn and refuse to give up.  DART Boutique is my life.  I used to split my time with several endeavors, but this year I’m 100% focused on pouring my all into this business that I believe so strongly in.

When you walk through the doors of my small shop, you will be greeted with a warm hello.  You have entered a completely judgement-free zone.  You can even roll in just to say hi in your sweatpants and it will make my day!  

My goal has always been to create a size-inclusive shopping experience for people of all ages and demographics.  You won’t find a single rack of plus sizes in the back.  Each rack has S—3X throughout the store.  You’ll find casual and fun attire and also dressy work-appropriate clothing.  We have quirky and snarky gift items while also offering classy gifts for all ages.  Same goes for our accessories. 

The slogan for DART Boutique is “Where fun meets chic.”  That’s exactly what you’ll find in my little “boutique.”  You will find an owner who cares about her customers, their children, their personal struggles and triumphs.  You’ll find a relaxing environment to select items that make you feel beautiful and bring you joy.  You’ll get to feel the fabric of garments and try on items to see if they fit before you buy. 

We have new items arriving all the time, so feel free to stop in once a week if you’d like!  I want DART to become your first stop when you think of needing a new outfit or a gift for someone.  And if we don’t have it now, let me know what you’d like to see us carry and I’ll try my best to get it!  (What large department store or online superstore will give you that kind of attention?)

I encourage you to make it a point to stop into DART this year AND tell others about our little store in the corner of The Bridges at 57th.  My intention is to be here for a very long time.  But that can’t happen without support from the community.  Please shop local, small businesses this year--the same businesses who don’t hesitate donating to local charity auctions and fundraisers.  (Again, what large national corporations will do that for you?)

I veered off on a Shop Small tangent...sorry...back to the word “boutique.”  As a boutique owner, I aim to provide you a unique shopping experience with a personal touch, while providing affordable and quality hand-selected items that can’t be found elsewhere.  So the next time you hear the word “boutique” I hope that you won’t jump to conclusions about what they might be.  Stop into the store to check them out!  You never know what gems you’ll find.  (Often the best kept secrets are hiding in corners of shopping plazas...)  And even if you don’t purchase a thing, the fact that you took time to educate yourself about what a shop carries makes boutique owners feel seen.

Come discover how DART steps outside of the boutique box and provides you with a unique shopping experience right here in Sioux Falls, SD!

DART Boutique
The Bridges at 57th & Western - 5015 S Western Ave, Sioux Falls, SD
(We are tucked into the corner under Oh My Cupcakes!)

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