The P's That Define Me

(Thoughts from a plus-sized girl.)

The P's That Define Me (Thoughts from a plus-sized girl.)

Sometimes the insecurities that come with being overweight/curvy/thick/full-figured, etc. can be challenging.  Not everyone has a rapid metabolism, thin genetics, or the will-power to cut out junk food.  Some people exercise regularly but are naturally heavier and still have good health reports from their annual check-ups.  So, why is society heavily focused on the sizes of our bodies?

I’ve been reflecting lately on my size and what it means to be content with who I am today.  I am SO.MUCH.MORE than plus-sized. 

I like to focus on the other positives about myself—some of which can be summed up in a collection of different ‘P’ words.

Anyone who knows me will attest that I exude passion.  Perhaps it’s the fiery red-headed spirit of mine that drives me, but anything that I find joy in, I put my whole heart into it. 
On occasion, I will have a down day where I’m not my usual peppy self.  But for the most part, I am a very positive person who likes to see the bright side of life.
To accompany my positive spirit and passionate personality, I tend to think I’m a pleasant person to be around.  Most of the time…
I am most definitely not perfect, which is why you won’t see a ‘P’ for perfect on this list.  But I am indeed a procrastinator.  However, I do believe I have perfectly mastered the art of procrastination. 
Each day I make it a point to tackle specific goals from my to-do list.  By being purposeful with how I spend my time, it helps me become more productive & joyful.
I LOVE people!  I am 100% an extrovert and I thrive on socializing with others.  It often gets me off-track from my daily goals but nothing brings me more joy than talking with other people.
I’m a weirdo.  I’m goofy and silly.  I’m loud and often eccentric.  It keeps life interesting to be peculiar.  It’s not a bad thing in my opinion.
Piano Player
I started learning piano in second grade from my mother.  To this day I still play and also teach others how to play.  It’s something I greatly enjoy.  (DART Studio)
I love singing in front of a crowd!  Combining my love for performing and my peculiar nature, my career as a children’s entertainer (Rockin’ Red Music) was a great decision! 
Being creative is a highlight for me and I love being able to do what I enjoy. (DART Studio)
I would go to any extreme necessary to protect my family from harm.  I’m a mama bear that wants my children to have a safe and happy life.
This is a tough one for me to write because I’m not a boastful person by nature.  However, if I sit down and think about it, I am indeed proud of myself and everything I have accomplished in my life thus far.  I work every day to set an example and leave a legacy for my children.  For that, I am proud.

Enough about me.  Back to the moral of this post…I am more than just my size. 

If you are reading this and can relate, I hope you will find some words that describe yourself without focusing on your size.  It’s important to discover contentment and learn to love yourself—just as you are.

I love all of these P words that describe who I am, but there are two P’s that mean more to me than anything. They are nestled inside the word HaPPy.  

-Leslie Dolby

Owner of DART Boutique* & DART Studio


*I created DART Boutique as a place for women of all shapes and sizes to find cute, comfortable and affordable clothing options.  I hope you enjoy browsing our collection of items and find something that brings you joy!


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