DIY: Polymer Clay Ornaments (with Wrapping Paper Transfer Technique)

Each month I prepare a craft or crafting technique to demonstrate on our local afternoon TV show, "KELOLAND Living" in Sioux Falls, SD.  I typically try to use materials that I can up-cycle into a new way.

Today's craft was polymer clay ornaments with a wrapping paper transfer technique.  This blog post will teach you how to make them and at the end you can watch the video segment from the show. (Or click on this photo below.)


Supplies Needed:

- White polymer clay

- Clay softener (optional, but recommended)

- Rolling pin or pasta roller

- Cookie cutters

- Wrapping paper with images (not text)

- Acetone nail polish remover

- Small item to punch a hole in the ornament (can also use a drill after baking)

- Ribbon to hang the ornament

Polymer Clay Ornament Supplies

STEP 1: Condition your polymer clay by molding it with your hands, then pressing it flat.  If you have access to a pasta roller machine, it will make this step so much easier!  Roll the white clay into a thin, flat sheet.

Pasta Roller for Clay

STEP 2: Cut out your clay ornament using any shaped cookie cutter.

Cutout Clay Ornaments

STEP 3: Cut a piece of wrapping paper that you'd like to transfer the image from.  Lay it face down on the cutout ornament.

STEP 4: Using acetone nail polish remover on a paper towel, soak the surface completely and use slight pressure--particularly around the edges.  You can use a roller to help push the ink onto the clay and flatten it further.  Continue to apply acetone for a minute or two...really soak the paper with it.

Making Polymer Clay Ornaments

STEP 5: If you'd like to cut the hanging hole before baking, do that now.  I found an item from my local hardware store to use, but anything that makes a small hole will work.  Think about things like pulling a pen apart and using the opening...get creative!

STEP 6: Bake the ornament according to the package instructions.  I did 30 minutes in a 275 degree oven.  Stay nearby and check it often to make sure the paper doesn't catch on fire.  (I have done this several times with no issues.)  However....I did have a fail when I tried using hand sanitizer instead of acetone.  Oops!

Baking Polymer Clay 

STEP 7: Once the ornament has completely cooled, place it into a bowl of water and scrub away the paper to reveal the finished product.  You can use your fingers or a soft toothbrush to get the excess paper off.

STEP 8: Cut a piece of ribbon and tie it to complete your ornament.  These make fun craft projects to do at home with your kids.  Go wild with your wrapping paper selection!  You can find some cheap options at the dollar store or on clearance after Christmas.  I found this cute Looney Tunes paper at my local Dollar Tree.

Looney Tunes Ornament

Tips & Links:

- You must use basic printed image wrapping paper--foil wrapping paper will not work.  Here is some fun Peanuts (Snoopy, Charlie Brown) wrapping paper you can get on Amazon.

- You'll need WHITE polymer clay for the image color to transfer properly.  This type is my favorite: Sculpey Primo Polymer Clay (White).

- If your clay is hard to work with or crumbly, you can add some drops of Sculpey Clay Softener.  I highly recommend this!

- I love these ornament cookie cutters from Amazon.  These are ideal for this project!

- Do NOT use hand sanitizer in place of the acetone.  You will have a fire hazard fail on your hands...I tried that based off a YouTube video I watched...don't do it.

- If you puncture the hanging hole before baking the ornament, you will save time and energy. (If you forget, you can drill a hole later.)

- You can also print images on an Inkjet printer and use the same technique.  Just keep in mind that the image will be flipped when you lay it on the clay.  (This is also why using wrapping paper with text does not work.)


Check out the 7-minute video segment here for further instructions and entertainment: Simple Ornaments on KELOLAND Living (Always a good time and laughs with Mitchell and Ashley!)
Leslie Dolby (Love, Leslie Ann) + DART Boutique

Thanks so much for reading this!  It's the first of many crafting and lifestyle blog posts from me.  I just signed up to try the Amazon affiliate link thing.  I have no idea if or how it works, but I think if you click on my links and order your supplies that way I will get a commission.  Maybe?  Who knows.

I am launching my own public profile under the name Love, Leslie Ann for those who want to follow my crafting and life adventures.  I'm starting with a TIKTOK channel and I'll be building from there.  Stay tuned!

Follow my TIKTOK to get started! @love.leslieann

Thanks again,

Leslie Dolby (Owner of DART Boutique) 

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