The One with the Colors Coloring Gift Set
The One with the Colors Coloring Gift Set

The One with the Colors Coloring Gift Set

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This bundle contains 5 heavy cardstock coloring pages and a set of 12 foil-stamped colored pencils.

Each pre-sharpened, hexagonal pencil is foil-stamped with a fun FRIENDS inspired term related to the pencil's color. The double-painted wooden pencils include a high-quality color core for optimal color transfer.  

Pencil Colors and Text:

Black - Ross's Leather Pants

Silver - Gunther's Hair

Red - He's Her Lobster

Orange - Coffee Couch

Pink - Central Pink

Green - Rachel Green

Dark Blue - How You Bluin?

Dark Brown - Richard's Stache

Yellow - PC Banana-Hammock

Purple - Apartment Purple

Light Brown - Sandler Bing

Grey - We Were on a Grey-K

The Pop Colors original page designs are based on a classic scene or quote from the show.  The pages are not bound, so you can frame them easily.

Kick back and create a frame-worthy work of art based on your love for FRIENDS.

Each pencil is hand-stamped and assembled in the USA by a small business located in North Carolina.

Non-toxic and ASTM approved. Safe for kids & adults.

Extra coloring pages can be downloaded from the link on the back of the colored pencil box.