Rose Quartz Planter with Air Plant

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Our hand poured geode concrete planter with rose quartz crystals is hardy but dainty and incredibly unique. An air plant is included with each unit and includes a care card to display which will help keep this little guy alive and thriving!

Rose Quartz - The stone known as the love gemstone. Its pink color signifies its meaning. It is all about ‘love’ in different forms like a love that is transcendental, love for the self, passionate love, love for the family, amorous love or universal love. Rose Quartz is also known to be a crystal for the Taurus astrology sign.

Each geode planter is handmade which may result in slight variations in color, texture, and size. Please remember that Air Plants are living plants which may vary slightly from photos shown but we will do our best to choose the best available plant for your order. Please keep in mind that it is natural for Air Plants to have some dried or broken tips and a slight difference in coloration.

These planters are perfect to give as gifts, place on your desk, or to add to any bookshelf.

Width: approximately 2.25in / Height: approximately 2in 

** This fragile item is available for in store pick up only, there is no shipping available for this item. **