Local Artisan Feature - November 2020

Meet Christina, our local artisan vendor for the month of November!  Christina and I grew up together in the small town of Arlington, SD.  Believe it or not, we haven't seen each other since high school...20+ years ago!  Thankfully we connected on Facebook and I discovered the amazing children's toys she creates! 

Christina's Creations

During the month of November, stock up on Christmas gifts for the young ones in your life!  We have super soft "stuffies" available which are handmade stuffed animals that feature embroidery details.  We predict that her finger puppet sets will be a huge hit as well...you MUST check out the details in these incredible sets!  They are exquisitely sewn and include a coordinating carrying bag.  Christina also brought in her brand new Nativity dolls & puppet sets--just in time for the Christmas season!

          EMT Ambulance Finger Puppet Set       Embroidered Stuffies

Let's get to know Christina better:

1.  How did you get started with your business...Christina’s Creations?

I started creating in 2016 when I inherited my grandma’s sewing/embroidery machine. She was a huge crafter and I wanted to honor her by learning to use her machine and using it often. I began making items to sell this year. I opened an Etsy shop in May and started selling children’s toys. My first sale was a farm finger puppet set.

2.  How long have you been crafting?

I’ve been crafting for as long as I can remember. I spent a lot of time with my grandma while I was growing up. She owned a craft store and devoted her entire basement to her business. I grew up helping in her store and attending craft shows with her.

3.  What inspires you to create?

I’m inspired to create for several reasons. I feel a closeness to my grandma when I’m creating and I feel like I’m honoring her through the process. I also love watching my items take shape. I love seeing the transformation of fabric turning into new creations and I love dreaming about who might get to enjoy my things once they are done.

4.  What is your favorite aspect of making your stitched items?

I love seeing other people smile. I love the joy a new toy brings a child. If I can create something that makes someone smile, that makes my day.

5.  What else should our readers know about you, your business, or your products?

I’m a proud momma of two teenage sons and a foster momma to many more. I have a huge heart for children which is why I make mostly children’s toys. I’ve been happily married to my incredibly handsome husband for 17 years. We live in Brookings, SD. My husband and I love playing board games. I love being outside gardening or fishing or sewing with the window open.

Christina's Creations

Christina's animal stuffies are $10 each and you can purchase them here: Embroidered Stuffies

Finger puppet sets are $20 and you can purchase them here:  Finger Puppet Sets

Nativity dolls and puppet sets can be purchased here: Nativity

       Nativity Dolls          Nativity Finger Puppets

You can also check out Christina's Creations on Facebook and Etsy to follow her work and purchase additional items!

Stop in to DART Boutique in November or purchase her items online to support our local vendor of the month!

615 E. Brian St. - Tea, SD

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