Local Artisan Feature - May 2020

One of our missions at DART Boutique is to support our local community.  We are launching an exciting new addition to our store to help facilitate that goal.  Each month we will introduce you to a local artisan vendor.

For the month of May, we chose two local artisans to feature.  Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we thought it would be appropriate to offer face masks and hand soap.  These items will be available for the entire month at our store location and online.

Our first featured duo is Chelsey Levene & Karry Leber, who are known as the “Sewin’ Sisters.”  Based right here in Tea, SD, the sisters have been busy making hand-sewn face masks.  After the first batch of masks sold out in less than 24 hours, they brought a second batch which also sold out the next day!  You can snag one (or two) of their face masks here:  Face Masks  They have various sizes and styles for ages 2—adult.

Sewin' Sisters

We asked a few questions to help get to know the Sewin’ Sisters more:

1.  How long have you been sewing face masks?

We learned to sew as young kids with our Grandma!  We’ve been making a variety of items since then.

2.  What was your motivation for selling face masks?

We saw a need in the community and wanted to help out the best way we could.  We have donated over 80 masks to doctors and nurses!

3.  What inspires you?

Seeing happy customers smile and helping out any way we can!

4.  What is your favorite aspect about crafting & creating—in general?

We love to see new ideas and thoughts come to life.

5.  Anything else our readers should know about your business?

Our business was started at a kitchen table one evening after working our full-time jobs.  While we are still at the kitchen table sewing away, we’ve gotten much more efficient and faster at making masks.  We’ve made over 800 masks for friends, family, and our community!  We are on a mission to support this awesome community any way we can!

Support these local artisans by purchasing their face masks now through the end of May: Hand-Sewn Face Masks

Hand-Sewn Face Masks


Our second featured artisan is Heather Sundstrom.  Heather lives in Sioux Falls, SD and makes fabulous soap which we wanted to bring to our customers.  You will fall in love with the unique scents, colors, and styles of Heather’s luxury handmade soap.  Find your favorites here:  Handmade Soap

You can also join Heather’s Facebook group for updates on her soap making:  Handmade Soap by Heather

Heather Sundstrom

We asked a few questions to learn more about Heather and her craft:

1.  How long have you been making soap?

While I don’t have a business, I do love making handmade soap and sharing it with family and friends.  I have been making homemade soap since August of 2017.  

2.  What was your motivation for selling bar soap?

I started making it mostly because we have a child that is allergic to many things.  By making our own soap and detergents, we can completely avoid irritants and use pure natural soap.  

3.  What inspires you?

What inspires me most is kindness.  There is not enough of it in our world today.  One thing I love about soap-making is that it allows our family to share unique and special gifts with our friends.

4.  What is your favorite aspect about crafting & creating—in general?

Creativity has always been a strong quality for me.  I feel like making soap allows me to experiment with ingredients, colors, fragrances and designs in a very practical manner.  At the end of the process I get bars of soap.  I feel like creating is a part of the human nature.  We are created by God, who created huge mountains, whales, tiny lady bugs and everything in between. Making something with your own hands is very grounding, relaxing and a great activity in the hyper media society that we live in.

5.  Anything else our readers should know about you?

I have been sewing most of my life, starting at age 8, learning how to sew from my Grandma.  I also took sewing in 4-H, but I’m mostly self-taught.  As an adult I learned how to sew many things, but mostly I make quilts and bags—in addition to my soap, of course!

Support this local artisan by purchasing her soap now through the end of May:  Handmade Soap

Handmade Luxury Soap Bars

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