Local Artisan Feature - June 2020

I am SO excited to introduce our June local artisan vendor!  I met Sheena at a 4-H event several months ago.  When she told me about reusable water balloons that she crochets, I was FLOORED!  I immediately knew that I wanted to bring them into our shop to share with all of you! 

QT Caps - Reusable Water Balloons

Okay, I'll set my excitement aside for a minute to explain what they are.  Sheena (owner of QT Caps) hand crochets little balls in the shape of balloons.  The yarn she uses is very absorbent.  The concept of these "water balloons" is that you dunk them into a bucket of water, then throw them like traditional ones.  But, the brilliant part is that you don't have to fill or tie the balloons, and you don't have to pick up plastic shreds from your yard.  (That is my favorite aspect of these!)  You can reuse them over and over again.  Just let them dry before storing them.  You can even use them without water for indoor fun!

QT Caps - Crocheted Water Balloons


The fact that public pools are closed this summer and above-ground pools are hard-to-find, make this an essential summer buy!  As soon as Sheena dropped them off, I purchased two bags from her ASAP.  My kids have already tried them out and LOVE them!

Reusable Water Balloons in Action

Let's get to know Sheena a little better.  Here are her answers to a few questions I asked:

1. How long have you been crafting and making items?

I have been crafting since I was a kid. I remember learning to cross stitch in 3rd or 4th grade. I learned how to crochet from some friends in college. When my kids (Amara & Caleb) were younger I turned my hobby into a business, specializing in baby hats and accessories. 10 years later, I still enjoy crocheting. Selling the items is just a bonus.

2.  What was your motivation for selling these water balloons? 

It started a couple of summers ago. I had some extra "blanket" yarn from making my kids some little throw blankets. I saw a pattern listed on a craft website that I follow, tweaked the pattern how I like it and started making balloons. These balloons are just fun! They are soft and colorful. I think back to my days as a camp counselor and all of the time I spent filling/tying water balloons for just a few minutes of fun, followed by more time picking up the small pieces. My kids can play water balloons whenever they want and it is minimal prep & clean up. I had been selling hats, scarves and kitchen accessories, so finding an item that is a hot commodity during the spring/summer was a win-win for our family.

3.  What inspires you?

The first summer that I sold balloons, I used the profits to buy our family pool passes. This is the fourth summer of making them and I am excited that more kids can have fun with these! I also enjoy seeing my kids working with me packing orders, picking colors, etc.

4.  What is your favorite aspect about crafting & creating?

I enjoy that I can take my crocheting pretty much anywhere I go--park time with friends, road trips, coffee dates. I usually make things with a simple repeat pattern, so that I can still engage in conversations while crafting. I also enjoy seeing my items in use "in the wild"--kids playing with balloons, a baby wearing a hat, etc.

5.  Anything else our readers should know about your business?

Thank you for supporting my local business! Because of the pandemic, I am unable to work my part-time job teaching private swimming lessons. So, the sales made through QT Caps are a big help to our family.

Thank you for buying local and buying handmade!

Let's keep Sheena busy this summer and help support her family.  As long as you keep buying them, she'll keep making them!  If the demand is there, we'll have these in-stock through the end of July.  But, I imagine they will sell quickly so stop in soon to get your essential summer fun!

Purchase the bucket of 10 with this link. 

Purchase individual water balloons here.

-Leslie (Owner of DART Boutique)


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