Local Artisan Feature - July 2020

This month's local artisan is someone very special to me...my daughter, Alexis! She will be turning 11 this month and has been busy crafting lots of fun items this summer. Alexis takes lessons from a local art teacher in our neighborhood and can be found creating, sketching & painting when she has down time.  

Art by Alexis

Art is definitely her passion. I asked Alexis to create some items that we could sell in the shop. We started with resin projects because we thought that was an interesting medium to work with.  I helped her figure out how to safely work with resin and made the first batch of items with her.  After that, Alexis took it and ran with it! Every day for several weeks she would make a new resin craft in the studio. Her letter keychains have been the most popular item so far. She said she'll even take requests for certain colors and letters--just let us know what you'd like her to make! 

Resin Keychains and Coasters      Art by Alexis

Alexis is also learning how to sew from her Grandma. She is currently making a skirt for a 4-H project. My favorite items that she is selling at DART this month are travel toothbrush holders made from washcloths. We use them every time we travel and it's nice to be able to throw them in the washing machine when we get home. The cloth also helps soak up water from the toothbrush so that it doesn't make a mess in your luggage. I'll never go back to using plastic travel containers again!

Travel Toothbrush Holders      Travel Toothbrush Holders

Since Alexis is my daughter and takes after me...she insisted on creating her own logo in Photoshop. She wants to do graphic design work when she's older and I think she's on the right track! Here's the logo she created herself:

Art by Alexis

I asked Alexis to answer a few questions to share with all of you.  

1.  Why do you enjoy crafting?

Answer: "I enjoy crafting because I can be creative and because I don't have to have someone telling me what to do." ......(ha!)  In other words, she likes having the freedom to create without rules and restrictions.

2.  What is your favorite aspect of creating art?

Answer: "I love using different materials and how you don't have to use just one thing. You can be creative and express yourself."

3.  What are your future goals?

Answer: "My future goals are to become a good architect and to become better at art."

4.  What will you do with the money earned from your crafts?

Answer: "I will save half of the money in a bank account and the other half to buy more art stuff so I can continue doing art."

5.  What was the most difficult item to make?

Answer: "Probably the toothbrush holders because they involved sewing and for me that takes awhile."


If you'd like to purchase any Art by Alexis items, stop into our shop during the month of July where they will be featured on our local artisan table.  She is selling charm earrings, resin necklaces, charm/resin magnets, resin coasters, letter keychains, and travel toothbrush holders.

Alexis was featured in the July 2020 episode of "Live with Leslie" on Facebook if you'd like to see more from her!

Thanks for supporting our featured local artisans!

Resin magnets      Charm earrings

Resin coasters      Travel Toothbrush Holders


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