Local Artisan Feature - January 2021

I've been wanting to feature this duo in some capacity since we opened in March of 2019 and now I have the chance to introduce you to them!  Mike & Sara Fee are neighbors and friends of mine who helped me get the shop set up before we even opened our doors.  All of our custom wood shelving in the boutique was done by them and now they have a business called "Just Board at Home."  Clever name, huh?!

Just Board at Home

I saw an example of wooden playing card holders and asked them if he could make some for me.  My youngest daughter has a really hard time holding all of her Uno cards in her hands.  The Fees dropped some off for me to try before Christmas and my kids (& I) loved them!  They are incredibly handy and have variagated grooves that hold any type of card.  I asked them to make a bunch for our customers and they did!  You can buy them individually (both small & large sizes) for $8 online or in-store. They are well-made, stained & sealed.  I guarantee your family will love them as much as mine does!

Playing Card Holders Wooden Playing Card Holders

Mike & Sara also make custom signs, quilt ladders and other wooden projects.  A few of their signs and mantelpieces are available in our store, along with the playing card holders. They also have a booth at Stacey's Vintage Art Boutique with additional items. If you ever need wood projects done...give them a call!  Follow their Facebook Page: Just Board at Home for product updates and more!

Just Board at Home

As always, I asked a few questions to help our readers get to know our featured artisan of the month.  Learn more about Mike & Sara Fee with Just Board at Home.

1.  How did you get started with your business?

We were thinking we needed to find something to do to fill our extra time in the evenings.  That's how the name Just Board at Home was created.

2.  How long have you been making your items?

About 3 years ago we decided to see what we could do with the business and started making quilt ladders.  [They began selling on their Facebook page and at craft fairs.]

3.  What inspires you to create?

We love to work with wood!  It is great to see the finished product and to see how people react.  We love seeing the joy and happiness when someone finds the right piece.

4.  Is there anything special about the process of making your items that might interest our readers?

We use wood from downed trees in the area.  We start with a tree and make it into special projects for ourselves and our customers.

5.  What else should our readers know about you, your business, or your products?  

We live in Sioux Falls and have 3 children--two that are grown.  Our youngest is 9 and keeps busy playing baseball and football.

Bison Mantelpiece

Stop into DART Boutique this month and help support these local artisans!


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