Local Artisan Feature - August 2020

If you live in Tea, you probably already know this wonderful lady.  Gayla Wipf is the creative librarian at the Tea Library.  I say creative because....well, just check out her Facebook videos on the Tea Library page!  :)

In Gayla's free time, she enjoys making jewelry for her business "Rustic Expressions by Gayla."

Rustic Expressions by Gayla

She brought over 200 pieces of her unique, hand-crafted leather jewelry to DART Boutique for you to purchase during the month of August.  Stop in this month to see her beautiful leather earrings and necklaces!

Rustic Expressions by Gayla  Rustic Expressions by Gayla

Handmade Leather
Earrings - $13
Necklaces - $18

Get to Know Gayla

1. How long have you been crafting and making items?
I started making jewelry & creating other craft items when I was home raising my four kids. When they were grown and all in school I took a little break because of how busy life became. I started up again a few years ago.
2.  What inspires you?
My family inspires me to keep doing what I love. My three girls love wearing my designs and it makes me happy to see them supporting their momma. My husband is my biggest cheerleader, always encouraging me and lifting me up. My son will help me set up for shows & gives me his input on how to better my business. I am so thankful for my "support" team.
3.  What is your favorite aspect about crafting & creating?
I love designing each item--mixing and matching items to get just the right look. Seeing how they turn out is so fun to me.
4.  Anything else our readers should know about your business?
I make leather earrings and necklaces, but also T-shirts and wooden signs.
*Gayla is currently working on developing her own website.  For now, you can locally support her business by shopping for her leather jewelry in our store:  DART Boutique, 615 E. Brian St., Tea, SD.
Rustic Expressions by Gayla Rustic Expressions by GaylaRustic Expressions by Gayla

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