Lessons I've Learned in 2020

Lately I’ve been reflecting on the roller coaster of a year that 2020 has been.  This post has nothing to do with politics, mask wearing, riots, or any other divisive issue this year has thrown our way.  It’s simply about life.

As a small business owner, 2020 has been incredibly difficult for me.  Numerous times my entire livelihood was on the line…my investment, my future, my happiness…everything.  I’ve never worked this hard to keep a roof over our heads.

Today I’m choosing to think about the positives that have come into my life in 2020.  Here are a few things I’ve learned this year:  

  1. Learning to live with less.  When cash flow is tight, it forces us to rethink the items we purchase.  I am now saving more money than I was in the past and I am only purchasing things we need or things that bring me joy.  In the long run, this new way of life will benefit our financial future.  For that, I’m grateful for this year.
  1. Learning to let go and say no.  Being at home forced us to evaluate what we do with our time.  Events were cancelled and we were okay with that.  We spent more time together as a family and we greatly enjoyed that.  For every activity and job that took time from our lives, we evaluated the pros and cons.  We asked questions like “Does this bring us happiness and fulfillment?”  “Are we learning new skills and enhancing our lives?”  “Does this help our community?” If it didn’t meet our new criteria, we cut it.  It feels good to simplify our schedule and take a few things off our plate.  We are learning to find balance in the way we spend our time.  For that, I’m grateful for this year.
  1. Learning to truly live.  My 92-year old grandmother passed away in September.  She was someone I was very close with my entire life.  I loved her dearly.  She lit up every room she entered.  She loved God more than any person I’ve ever known.  Her laughter and zest for life were incredibly contagious.  I want to be like her.  I want to live my life to the fullest and make an impact on others the way she did.  Life is too short and every day matters.  I’m learning to live like there is no tomorrow.  For that, I’m grateful for this year.
  1. Learning to lean on others.  I am a workaholic.  I do my best to balance my personal and professional life, but I know I haven’t found the right mix yet.  I desire to spend more time with my children and to help them develop into amazing women.  This year, I am learning to let go of certain responsibilities and trust that others will help me succeed.  My biggest supporter, the person who knows me better than I know myself, and the one I can always count on is our store manager, Kayley.  I have learned to trust her with my life and lean on her for support.  For that, I am grateful for this year.
  1. Learning the value of supporting others.  After going through challenges this year, I am more aware that supporting others in our community is vitally important.  Our spirits were lifted when people made an effort to shop local and support our store.  I know first hand how crucial it is to help others in the community.  My goal is to give back, show love to others, spread kindness, and shop with local small businesses.  Together we are making our way through 2020 and we are learning to lift up each other when we need it most.  For that, I’m grateful for this year.

I could go on and on with many more lessons I’ve learned this year.  These are just a few that I wanted to share with you.  Today, I’m focusing on the positive things I’ve learned this year.  I hope that you can too.


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  • Lisa Kummer

    Very genuine and true heartfelt statements. Keep up the great work you do! It is noticed and your people will present in Seasons to show you how much they care! I appreciate having your local shop to frequent for gifts and personal shopping needs. Thank you, Lisa K.

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