10 Ways to Support Local Businesses

Folks everywhere are turning to their local businesses more than ever before. During this period of uncertainty, small businesses are turning to you for support. Here is a short list of 10 ways you can support you favorite shop.


1. Leave reviews!

A lot of customers don’t realize how far a good review goes! If you’ve had a great experience with a local shop, leave a review on their Facebook page, website, Yelp, or Google! Good reviews are always welcome and are great feedback for small businesses to refer to.


2. Like their Facebook page!

This goes for all forms of social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. For most small businesses, this is the first step to creating an online presence. Most businesses are posting more than usual, since their stores can’t be open. This is a great way to stay up to date with your go-to shop!


3. Be interactive on social media platforms.

You’ve liked their page, now comment, like, and share! The more you comment and give feedback, the better your local shops can cater to your needs! This is a great way to get your friends to see your favorite shops, too!


4. Give your favorite shop a shoutout!

There are more people online during this time, so now is the perfect time to give your shop a shoutout. Sharing local business online make sure that people still remember we exist, which is imperative during this time of uncertainty.


5. Use their hashtags!

When you’re sharing about your go-to local shop, be sure to use their hashtags! Not only does this make it easier for your shop to see your posts and feedback, it helps your friends find related posts about their store! 


6. Offer your services!

If your favorite mom and pop shop doesn’t have an online presence, and you’re a social media aficionado, offer to help them get started! 


7. Look for a local option before you buy from big companies.

Us small businesses rely on our community to keep us going! When you’re mindful about where your money is going and who is it benefiting, that’s when you really make a difference. If you’re lucky enough to continue to have a stable income, be sure to turn to local businesses first!


8. Buy gift cards from your local shops

A ton of businesses are running crazy specials on their gift cards right now. The thought behind it is if you can’t shop in store with them now, you can use the gift cards when stores reopen! This is a great option for those who like to try on clothes, see items in person, etc rather than shop online. 


9. Buy items from your favorite local business.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a stable income during this time, then shopping online from your local businesses is a great way to show support. Most shops are offering a curbside, no contact pickup option to cut back on shipping costs, so this is definitely something to look into.


10. Reach out to your regular, local shops

If you’re a regular customer at a local store, we remember you and we miss you! Having to close our doors stinks for us, and we are eager to reopen. Chances are, we miss having our fun little chats! Feel free to reach out to your favorite businesses to check in and let them know you’re thinking about them! This is great for morale and a great way to boost your local shop’s spirits. 


Whether you’ve shopped with us at DART Boutique, or you’ve been a longtime follower of ours, THANK YOU! We appreciate any and all support! We’re eager to open our doors again, and get back to some form of normalcy. Our customers mean the world to us, and we’re excited about our future. We hope you’ll visit us when we reopen!

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